María Dolores de Dios Caputto

Undergrated student from the Chemistry degree of Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.
Curricular and extracurricular External Practices student at ICTP-CSIC, elastomers department.
Practices Tutor from ICTP-CSIC: Juan López Valentín and Rodrigo Navarro Crespo.
Practices Tutor from UAM: Avelina Arnanz Lara


Preparation and caracterization of polyurethane from the synthesis of functional polyls from recycled PET and the corresponding applications of polyurathane in the automotive sector.


In this project we are going to study the applications of polyurathane in the automotive sector and their previous synthesis from polyols of recycled PET.
First of all, we will obtain new raw materials, the polyols, in the recycle process of PET.
After the synthesis in the proper conditions, we will caracterize the new product with different techniques, spectroscopy, NMR , etc.
Then we will synthesis the polyurethane using polyol and isocyanate, with the following caraterization.
Secondly, we will study one of the polyurethane applications in the automotive sector, the self-healing of the polyurethane chain when they have been damaged. The self-healing process is based on supramolecular recognition processes.

Academic formation

2016-Until now.- Chemistry degree in Universidad autónoma de Madrid. The degree is being taught in english.
2019.- Participation in the project Erasmus+ in the Bangor University of Wales, UK.
2019.- Cambridge English Certificate C1 level, CAE.