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International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2023

February 11th marks the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. For this reason, the elastomers Group has decided to record our female scientists answering some questions related to their professional careers. What does it mean to be a scientist? Or what message would you leave for girls who are considering a career in science?

This video aims to raise awareness of the work of our fellow scientists and to motivate future generations to follow in their footsteps. In the Elastomers Group there are women scientists at different stages of their scientific careers: from master’s students to technical specialists in advanced materials characterization techniques. Therefore, each one’s perspective is unique and together they provide a wide range of opinions and experiences. The evolution of the context of women in the world of science over the years has varied greatly, something that can be observed by listening to the testimonies of the scientists.

Recording and editing: Macarena Cervantes del Moral
Organization and idea: Fernando Martín Salamanca
Color grading: Laura Cervantes del Moral
Participants (in order of appearance): Pilar Posadas Bernal, Alejandra Rubio Hernández-Sampelayo, Rebeca Herrero Calderón, Celia Chamorro Antón, María Dolores de Dios Caputto, Marina Montero Escrivá, Laura Diñeiro García, Pilar Bernal Ortega, Irene Mora Barrantes, María Alzórriz Bravo, Marta Alonso Malmierca.

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Cover obtained from the website created by María del Álamo Ortega.