Xabier Martínez Arruabarrena


Our daily life would be unimaginable without rubber, which has become essential in multiple objects like tires, balls, hoses, etc. All these applications came from the great characteristics and versatility of the rubber, but these characteristics would be unattainable without aditivation. The additives make the recycling of rubber insufficient and very complex, being incinerated or abandoned in the environment until very recently. With the idea of finding an optimal recycling method and giving added value to rubber, this study has carried out the complete characterization of different materials derived from tires at the end of life: virgin, with bitumen, and from various types of thermomechanical devulcanizations. To complete this objective, different processing and characterization techniques have been used, such as the internal mixer, solid-liquid extraction, structural analysis with 1H-DQ-NMR and thermogravimetric analysis (TGA).

Academic formation

Chemistry degree (UPV-EHU)