Laura Diñeiro García

Internship student from Universidad de Alcalá (UAH).

Advisor from ICTP-CSIC: Dr. Rodrigo Navarro.

Advisor from UAH: Dr. Pedro Letón García (

Title of the project

Design, development and characterization of new polyurethane formulations for tire filling


With the intent of avoiding flat tires in the construction industry, the composition of various polyurethanes is being studied regarding the structure and ratio of the starting materials (isocyanates, polyols, and plasticizers).

Multiple techniques, such as NMR and FTIR-ATR, are used to assess the properties of the synthesized materials. Their curation kinetics are being followed with a Scanning Vibrating Needle Curometer (SVNC). Resistance to compression of these same materials is measured with a dynamometer. Hardness is then determined with a Shore A tester.