2008 Artículos Científicos | Scientific articles

R. Recio, A.E. Lozano, P. Prádanos, A. Marcos, F. Tejerina, A. Hernández,
“Effect of Fractional Free Volume and Tg on Gas Separation Through Membranes Made with Different Glassy Polymers.”
Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 107, 1039-1046, 2008.

A. Gallardo, A. Marcos-Fernández, S. Egri, R. Lebrón, E. Piskin.
“MALDI-TOF Analysis of the Secondary Processes Occurring During the Ring Opening Polymerization of Caprolactone Initiated by HEMA”
International Journal of Polymer Analysis and Characterization, 13, 83-94, 2008.

Cervantes-Uc JM, Cauich-Rodríguez JV, Herrera-Kao WA, Vázquez-Torres H, Marcos-Fernández, A
“Thermal degradation behavior of polymethacrylates containing amine side groups”
Polymer Degradation and Stability, 93, 1891-1900, 2008.

Fernández M; Jiménez J, Marcos-Fernández A, López-Bravo A San Roman J;
“Biodegradable poly(ester-urethane-urea)s based with amino acids for tissue engineering and drug release”
Tissue Engineering, Part A, 14, 704, 2008.

L. Ibarra; A. Rodríguez; I. Mora-Barrantes
“Crosslinking of unfilled carboxylated Nitrile Rubber (XNBR) with different systems: Influence on Properties”
Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 108, 2197-2205, 2008.

J. L. Valentín, J. Carretero-González, I. Mora-Barrantes, W. Chassé, K. Saalwächter
“Uncertainties in the determination of cross-link density by equilibrium swelling experiments in natural rubber”
Macromolecules, 41, 4717-4729, 2008.

J. Carretero-González, J. L. Valentín, M. Arroyo, K. Saalwächter, M. A. López-Manchado
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European Polymer Journal, 44, 3493-3500, 2008.

J-U Sommer, W. Chasse, J.L. Valentin, K. Saalwächter
“Effect of excluded volume on segmental orientation correlations in polymer chains”
Physical Review E-Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics, 78, Article number 051803, 2008