2007 Artículos Científicos | Scientific articles

J. L. Valentín, I. Mora-Barrantes, A. Rodríguez, L. Ibarra, L. Gonzalez
“Effect of oleyl amine on sbr compounds filled with silane modified silica”
Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 103, 1806-1814, 2007.

M. Siliani, M.A. López-Manchado, J. L. Valentín, M. Arroyo, A. Marcos-Fernández, M. Kayet, J.P. Villaluenga.
“Millable polyurethane/organoclay nanocomposites:preparation, characterization and properties”.
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 7, 634-640, 2007.

L. González, A. Rodríguez, A. Marcos-Fernández, J. L. Valentín, A. Fernández-Torres.
“Effect of network heterogeneities on the physical properties of nitrile rubbers cured with dicumyl peroxide”
Journal of Applied Polymer Science,103, 3377-3382, 2007.

R.E. Solís-Correa, R. Vargas-Coronado, M. Aguilar-Vega, J.V. Cauich-Rodríguez, J. San Román, A. Marcos
“Synthesis of HMDI-based segmented polyurethanes and their use in the manufacture of elastomeric composites for cardiovascular applications”.
Journal of Biomaterials Science, Polymer Edition, 18, 561-578, 2007.

L. Ibarra; M. Alzorriz
“Ionic elatomers based on carboxylated nitrile rubber (XNBR) and magnesium oxide”
. Journal of Applied Polymer Science,103, 1894-1899, 2007.

J. L. Valentín, A. Fernández-Torres, P. Posadas, A. Marcos-Fernández, A. Rodríguez, L. González
“Measurements of freezing point depression to evaluate rubber network structure. crosslinking of natural rubber with dicumyl peroxide”
Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics, 45, 544- 556, 2007.

J. L. Valentín, M.A. López-Manchado, A. Rodríguez, P. Posadas, L. Ibarra
“Novel anhydrous unfolded structure by heating of acid pre-treated sepiolite”
Applied Clay Science, 36, 245- 255, 2007.

M. Arroyo, M.A. López-Manchado, J. L. Valentín, J. Carretero
“Morphology/behaviour relationship of nanocomposites based on natural rubber/epoxidized natural rubber blends”.
Composites Science and Technology, 67, 1330-1339, 2007.

J. P. G. Villaluenga, M. Khayet, M. A. López-Manchado, J. L. Valentín, B. Seoane , J. I. Mengual.
“Gas transport properties of polypropylene/clay composite membranes”
European Polymer Journal, 43, 1132-1143,2007.

M.A. López-Manchado, J. L. Valentín, J. Carretero, F. Barroso, M. Arroyo.
“Rubber network in elastomer nanocomposites”
European Polymer Journal, 43, 4143-4150, 2007.

P. Posadas, A. Fernández, J. Brasero, J. L. Valentín, A. Marcos, A. Rodríguez, L. González
“Vulcanization of polybutadiene rubber with dipentamethylene thiuram tetrasulfide”
Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 106, 3481-4150, 2007.

I. Mora-Barrantes, J.L. Valentín, L. González, A. Rodríguez, L. Ibarra
“Influencia de los ingredientes de una formulacion en el procesado de caucho”
Revista de Plásticos Modernos, 615, 240-246, 2007.

A. Marcos-Fernández, M. A. López-Manchado, A. Rodríguez, M. Silliani, J. L. Valentín
“Poliuretanos vulcanizables: estructura y propiedades”
Revista del Caucho, 511, 11-22, 2007.

L .Ibarra; A. Rodríguez; I. Mora-Barrantes
“Ionic nanocomposites based on XNBR-OMg filled with layered nanoclays”
European Polymer Journal, 43, 753- 761, 2007.

A. Rodríguez; L. Ibarra; I. Mora-Barrantes
“Effect Of Low-Load Reinforcing Nanofillers On Rheological Behaviour And Physical Properties Of Ionic Elastomer Based On XNBR and MgO”.
Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 106, 973-980, 2007.

R. Recio, L. Palacio, P. Prádanos, A. Hernández, A.E. Lozano, A. Marcos, J.G. de la Campa, J. de Abajo
“Gas separation of 6FDA-6FpDA membranes. Effect of the solvent on polymer surfaces and permselectivity”.
Journal of Membrane Science, 293, 22-28, 2007.